Chimps Are Family

Last Updated – 27/03/2024 – the Chimp Trail has been extended until June 2024. You can now find all chimp sculptures in Eagle Brewery Wharf, along the river

10 adorable chimpanzee sculptures from artists Gillie and Marc’s hugely successful public art exhibition, ‘Chimps Are Family’, have moved to Eagle Brewery Wharf as the Chimps Are Family exhibition has been extended!

After moving down river from their previous home in London Bridge; Kingston has welcomed the adorable apes in this interactive sculpture for conservation.

The exhibition is brought to the town through a partnership of world-class artists Gillie and Marc and Kingston First, the town’s Business Improvement District, and will be in place until June 2024.

One-half of the artist duo, Gillie said: “I was born in Kingston Hospital and lived my first years in Kingston upon Thames. My earliest fond childhood memories were spent walking along the river with my mother and father. It is so special to be able to bring ‘Chimps Are Family’ to the place and community where my life began.”

Kirsten Henly, Chief Executive of Kingston First, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with world-renowned artists Gillie and Marc to bring these wonderful sculptures to Kingston upon Thames. We know that people are always looking for new, exciting experiences; free and accessible public artwork is an important strategy to create vibrant and successful places and encourages people to visit their local town and businesses.

Ten characterful chimps will be located on a trail to discover around Kingston town centre, and we look forward to welcoming the many visitors and local residents who will be coming to enjoy them.” Please note the Chimps have moved to Eagle Brewery Wharf from March to June 2024.

These sculptures are designed to be interactive. The public is encouraged to get as close as they want, touching their faces, examining their hands, and giving them a hug. This unique form of public conservation is here to inspire love and connection. 

Each of the chimps will be displayed with a QR code where the public can learn all about the individual chimpanzee and find important information surrounding conservation. They will also have the option to donate to save chimpanzees, with all funds going to WWF.

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