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Nestled in Kingston-upon-Thames, KOKORO started out in Kingston in 2010 as a small Korean-Japanese takeaway store, founded by Rak-Kyu Park. With only three tables available at the start, KOKORO has expanded into a booming franchise with 25 different locations in the UK. KOKORO’s success can be attributed to our customers’ appreciation for authentic and delicious meals, supported by good service through KOKORO’s reliable quality management in sourcing and packaging.

The key to success is very simple: you keep the food tasty, fresh, and healthy. The hard part is how you do it and how you maintain it. KOKORO in Japanese translates to heart, mind or soul. These are the most important ingredients in KOKORO’s food.

We strive to produce fine quality, heartfelt food. While working with the best suppliers in the market, we continue to challenge ourselves to elevate our menu and provide the best services possible to our customers.

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