image of bouqets of flowers in front of blue florist shop

At Blue Florist, we bring more than 19 years’ experience to the floristry industry, yet still have the same passion for our work as we did when we first began.

We receive a fresh delivery of flowers every morning, sourced directly from our network of flower growers. Blue Florist then set about transforming them into beautiful arrangements for our discerning clientele. This direct-to-florist method of sourcing flowers ensures a more eco-friendly, holistic approach to the art of floristry – and provides customers with both great value and great quality.

Based in the heart of Kingston Upon Thames, all our flowers are prepared in-house by our expert team of experienced florists, so customers can always be assured of the beauty of all our arrangements. Proudly independent and family-run, every day at Blue Florist is another chance to help customers bring more colour and vibrancy into their homes, workplaces and events. We work tirelessly to help more people access flowers fast whenever and wherever they want. Whatever your requirements, we are happy to discuss them in more detail and see how we can help.

Our fantastic Same Day Flower Delivery service is one way of catering to a wider customer base, providing them with the right type of flowers for their needs, responding quickly to all customer orders whilst maintaining the same superior quality on every single arrangement or floral order we receive.
As your go-to friendly local florist, we are dedicated to providing a first-class service, every time.

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