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Cass Art

Art Shop

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Opening times

  • Monday

    9am - 6pm

  • Tuesday

    9am - 6pm

  • Wednesday

    9am - 6pm

  • Thursday

    9am - 6pm

  • Friday

    9am - 6pm

  • Saturday

    9am - 6pm

  • Sunday

    11am - 6pm

  • Bank holiday

    Hours may vary


Cass Art
103 Clarence Street
Kingston upon Thames



Cass Art is on a mission.

Cass Art is the UK’s leading art materials supplier, providing the world’s best art brands at the most affordable prices, and the staffs are all artists who can provide friendly, expert advice on all your creative projects.

Their mission is to fill every town with artists, underpinned by the company’s long-standing manifesto. Cass Art is committed to encouraging everyone to realize their creative talents by providing the world’s top-quality materials at the guaranteed best prices.

Cass Art Kingston also includes the Art Space above the shop floor, which plays host to exhibitions and events to support the local artist community. Check out our Latest Events page for featured exhibitions by local artists.