Image of King Living furniture at Bentall Centre

Get ready to revolutionise your home décor experience with King Living! Running since 1977, this Australian heritage furniture brand has been synonymous with innovation impeccable design. Now, King Living takes it up a notch with in-store and virtual consultation technology!

Imagine stepping into the future of furniture shopping right at the Kingston Bentall Centre showroom. Whether you’re in London or lounging in Liverpool, you can now snag a 45-minute slot with King Living’s expert sales team without ever leaving your comfort zone. This cutting-edge feature not only expands King Living’s reach globally but also fosters a personal connection with customers, making every consultation an unforgettable experience.

Dive deeper into the world of bespoke furniture solutions with in-store consultations tailored to your needs. King Living’s staff is dedicated to ensuring that your vision for your home comes to life, one meticulously crafted piece at a time. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter furniture – King Living’s modular designs are built to evolve with you, offering flexibility that transcends time.

King Living doesn’t just stop at crafting exquisite furniture; they integrate state-of-the-art technology seamlessly into their creations. Picture smart charging stations, motion-controlled lighting, immersive sound systems, and recliner technology that’s second to none. Now, add virtual consultations to the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for a home that’s as smart as it is stylish.

Get ready to embark on a journey where luxury meets innovation, where every piece of furniture tells a story of craftsmanship and excellence. Join the revolution with King Living – because your home deserves nothing but the best.

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