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Get the most precise prescription today with Selfie Optic’s latest eye testing equipment

Pop into Selfie Optic for an eye test today and enjoy 10% off big designer brands.

Selfie Optic not only offers high-end brands, but also the latest eye testing innovation such as the VR800, which is a piece of eye testing equipment that uses AVA, giving you the most precise prescriptions for lenses down to 0.01, 100th of a diopter!

This Essilor eye testing equipment provides a more accurate prescription, while also providing comfort, sharpness, and ease of use, making it the ideal choice even for nervous customers.

Once you’re done with the eye test, have a browse of their extensive high-end designer eyewear collection with big names like Gucci and Jimmy Choo to name a few, and enjoy a 10% off selected brands in-store!