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  • Image of outside dining area of Busaba restaurant with reflections of river in window

Opening times

  • Monday

    11.30 - 11pm

  • Tuesday

    11.30 - 11pm

  • Wednesday

    11.30 - 11pm

  • Thursday

    11.30 - 11pm

  • Friday

    11.30 - 11pm

  • Saturday

    11.30 - 11pm

  • Sunday

    11.30 - 11pm


4 Riverside Walk
Kingston upon Thames



Busaba Eathai - a modern Thai eatery offering a stylish and unique eating experience

The carefully designed and diverse menu offers a flavoursome selection of Thai salads, noodles, curries and stir fries, with a focus on authenticity and fresh ingredients.

Busaba is a Thai flower. Eathai is a fusion of the words eat and Thai. Differing from formal dining establishments, Eathai represents a Thai casual dining venue, offering a one-course dining experience devised to feed you with minimal fuss.

Busaba Kingston has a sunlit outdoor terrace, an extended cocktail list and Thai-style desserts.