As the holiday season blankets the charming town of Kingston upon Thames, the streets come alive with the twinkling lights of Christmas and the air is filled with the holiday spirit.

The nightlife in Kingston upon Thames offers a lot of options to celebrate the season with style and cheer — join us on a tour through some of the most spirited pubs, bars, and clubs that make Kingston upon Thames a winter wonderland after dark.



Tucked away in the Griffin Centre just off the Ancient Market Place, Incognito is not just a bar; it’s an experience. You can try out exciting cocktail combinations like white chocolate and rum, or lavender and cinnamon liqueur. The warm and inviting atmosphere sets the perfect tone for a Christmas night out. With a carefully crafted cocktail menu and a cosy ambiance, Incognito is an excellent choice for those looking to sip on festive concoctions and enjoy the company of friends.

Bone Idyll

Known for its eclectic vibe, Bone Idyll is a hidden gem along the riverside of Kingston — the modern vibe and innovative drinks make it a favourite among locals and visitors alike. With their very own gin distillery, you can have a taste of a gin and tonic that you can’t find anywhere else. Plus, if you’re looking for a fun Christmas activity to do with friends, Bone Idyll also offers classes on creating and distilling your own gin!

Curzon Rooftop Bar

For a breathtaking view of Kingston upon Thames, head to the Curzon Rooftop Bar. Nestled atop the Bentall Centre above the Curzon cinema, this bar provides an elegant setting for those who wish to enjoy a festive drink with a panoramic view of the town — perfect for sitting back and taking in the Christmas lights!


The Fighting Cocks

As one of Kingston’s oldest pubs, The Fighting Cocks embraces the holiday spirit with open arms. The historic charm, live music, and a diverse crowd make it an ideal destination for a Christmas pub crawl.

The Ram

A favourite haunt for locals with its beautiful riverside location, The Ram transforms into a festive hub during the holiday season. With its welcoming staff and a vast selection of drinks, The Ram is sure to get you into the Christmas spirit.

The Albion

Nestled off Fairfield Recreation Ground, The Albion is a pub that radiates warmth and charm during the Christmas season. With its classic interiors and a large beer garden, this pub provides a cosy refuge from the winter chill. The Albion boasts a well-stocked bar, featuring beers and ales from Big Smoke Brewery, perfect for warming up after a stroll through the festive streets.


Woody’s, with its laid-back ambiance and friendly staff, transforms into a festive haven come Christmastime. The eclectic décor creates a cheerful atmosphere, so it’s unsurprising that Woody’s is a great spot for those looking to unwind and enjoy the company of friends in a lively setting.

The Druid’s Head

Steeped in history as a Grade II-listed pub, The Druid’s Head embraces the holiday spirit with gusto. The exposed beams, dim lighting, and a menu featuring hearty dishes make it a perfect stop for a festive feast. The pub often hosts quiz nights and live music, making it a hub of activity for locals and visitors alike during the holiday season.

The Gazebo

Overlooking the scenic River Thames, The Gazebo is a picturesque pub that offers a unique Christmas experience. The outdoor seating area creates a magical setting. Whether you choose to enjoy a drink by the riverside or retreat indoors to the cosy interior, The Gazebo provides a delightful escape.

The Mill

Situated along the riverside on High Street, The Mill is a great place for those looking for a lively pub experience. With festive food and drink packages, pub quizzes, and live sport, The Mill is a wonderful place for those seeking a festive dining and drinking experience.


O’Neill’s, known for its lively Irish atmosphere, becomes a hub of activity during the Christmas season. The vibrant décor, live music, and a dance floor create an energetic ambiance. With themed parties and special events throughout December, O’Neill’s offers a dynamic and spirited Christmas celebration for those looking to revel into the night.

The Bishop

The Bishop, with its welcoming interior, is a popular spot for those seeking a contemporary pub experience during the holidays. The Christmas decorations, coupled with the festive menu, transform this pub into a cheerful retreat. With its relaxed ambiance and friendly staff, The Bishop provides a laid-back setting for Christmas celebrations with friends and loved ones.

The King’s Tun

Kingston’s Wetherspoons pub is the perfect stop-off before a festive night out. Located right across from the nightclub Pryzm, The King’s Tun is the perfect spot to gather with friends and enjoy the warmth of good company before dancing til you drop.



As one of Kingston’s premier nightclubs, Pryzm is a beacon for partygoers during the holiday season. With multiple themed rooms and a lineup of top DJs, Pryzm offers a Christmas nightlife experience that’s second to none.


If dancing the night away is on your Christmas agenda, Bacchus is the place to be. With its vibrant dance floor and energetic atmosphere, Bacchus promises a night of celebration and festive beats.

Kingston upon Thames, with its rich history and vibrant community, becomes even more magical during the Christmas season. Whether you’re sipping on a festive cocktail in a cosy bar, enjoying the warmth of a traditional pub, or dancing the night away in a lively club, the town’s nightlife has something for everyone. So, this Christmas, gather your friends, put on your festive attire, and explore the enchanting nightlife that Kingston upon Thames has to offer. Cheers to a season filled with joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories!